Sexual abuse and encopresis

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Fecal soiling, referred to medically as encopresis in children over four years of age, affects about 1. In most cases, however, fecal soiling is not voluntary, but occurs when emotional stress, resistance to toilet training, or physical pain during bowel movements causes a child to resist having bowel movements. This resistance, or stool retention, leads to constipation, which in turn leads to involuntary leakage or soiling when the pressure becomes too great.

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Like women, men who experience sexual assault may suffer from depression, posttraumatic stress disorder PTSDand other emotional problems as a result. However, because men and women have different life experiences due to their different gender roles, emotional symptoms following trauma can look different in men than they do in women. Particularly when the assailant is a woman, the impact of sexual assault upon men may be downplayed by professionals and the public.

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This article is written for women and assumes a male offender, however SECASA acknowledges that both men and women can be survivors of sexual abuse and that offenders can be male and female. It can often be very difficult to recognise whether or not a child is being abused, both for parents and for professionals. Children respond to sexual assault in many different ways according to their age, gender, personality and family circumstances.

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Jump to navigation. Any one sign doesn't mean that a child was sexually abused, but the presence of several suggests that you begin asking questions and consider seeking help. Keep in mind that some of these signs can emerge at other times of stress such as:. Physical signs of sexual abuse are rare.

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Encopresis is defined as a voluntary or involuntary passage of stool in inappropriate places, causing soiling of clothes by a child aged four years or above whenbowelcontrolcannormally be expected. This article focuses on retentive encopresis that is related to chronic constipation and overflow incontinence. Absence of bowel control has an important impact on physical health, psychosocial functioning and family life.

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Like their female counterparts, male survivors of sexual assault experience the traumatic after-effects. One significant difference - men who have been raped by another man may question their own sexuality. Particularly when the assailant is a woman, the impact of sexual assault upon men may be downplayed by professionals and the public.

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Encopresis is typically characterized as resulting from chronic constipation with overflow soiling but has been portrayed as an indicator of sexual abuse. The predictive utility of fecal soiling as an indicator of sexual abuse status was examined. In a retrospective analysis of three comparison groups of year olds, we studied children documented and treated for sexual abuse; psychiatrically referred children with externalizing problems and normative children recruited from the community, with the latter two samples having abuse ruled out.

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Faecal incontinence is the medical term for soiling in children over the age of four years. In most cases faecal incontinence develops as a result of long standing constipation. The build up of poo in the bowel and rectum results in the bowel getting so stretched that it is unable to register that there is a poo.

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The difficulty is that the problem behaviors claimed to be signs of sexual abuse are general signs of stress in children. To spread these lists without appropriate cautions and information about their limitations can generate confusion and mistakes. The same behavioral signs were used almost a century ago as behavioral signs for detecting masturbation in children.

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Encopresis is an elimination disorder that involves repeatedly having bowel movements in inappropriate places after the age when bowel control is normally expected. Encopresis is also called "soiling" or "fecal incontinence. By four years of age, most children are toilet trained for bowel movements.


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