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Have you ever looked at people who just seem to radiate happiness and good energy and wished that you could be like them? Maybe you wondered "Why do they have so many friends? Why are they so popular?

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Our thoughts have a lot of power. The thoughts your daughter has about herself become her internal talk, which forms her beliefs about herself and her place in the world. One way you can help your girl learn how to harness the power of her thoughts is by teaching her how to use affirmations.

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Developing an optimistic outlook through positive thinking is good for both your physical and mental health. Surround yourself with positive people Being around consistent negativity will only make you feel negative and drained. People who constantly complain, are depressed or unmotivated will certainly have a negative impact on you as well.

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The internal resources that your teen gains from looking at the world through a positive lens will be vastly different than if your teen see the world through a negative lens. That being the case, activities that teach teenagers a positive attitude should be part of their daily routines. Use the time around the dinner table to encourage your kids to share something positive about their day. According to Rediscovered Familiesthis counts as a very effective way to foster a positive attitude in your child.

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To illustrate this point, he uses the metaphor of a computer. The keyboard provides input much like the experiences in our lives and the work of our conscious minds. The printer and monitor are the output, which parallel the actions and results in our life.

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Join Forgot your password? Thinking clearly and effectively is essential for success, and helping your teen develop a positive outlook will only heighten that success. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

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January 28, "Do what you can today to make for a better tomorrow. January 28, "Imagine yourselves 10 years from now. You look back and see how naive you were trying to kill time with games, parties, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.

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By Jamison Monroe. Optimism is a wonderful quality, but creating positivity requires more than hoping for the best. According to Barbara Fredrickson, a leading researcher in the field of positive psychology, we need a steady diet of good experiences and happy feelings to flourish.

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Sound familiar? Parents of tweens and teens often shrug off such anxious and gloomy thinking as normal irritability and moodiness — because it is. Still, the beginning of a new school year, with all of the required adjustments, is a good time to consider just how closely the habit of negative, exaggerated "self-talk" can affect academic and social success, self-esteem and happiness.

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It is known, however, that some teens suffer from anxiety that is severe enough to interfere with their quality of life, and which may prevent them from enjoying social relationships and even excelling in their studies. If we are able to intervene early and effectively in teenagers with anxiety, we may be able to prevent later adult problems. Anxious people in general tend to have problems interpreting the world around them in healthy and accurate ways. I might wave at someone I recently met on the other side of the street.


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