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Instead they forged ahead on their own path. Though 'Death threat was a return to their dark and bizarre roots, 'Spooky tricks' however immediately reasserts the bands sleazy-psychedelic disco rock blueprint, with the albums dance credentials quickly established across the first two tracks 'Room On The Moon', and 'Spooky Tricks'. It's a lighter record in tone, with a more dance-orientated core, but from start to finish it is classic TKK.

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They are a techno industrial dance music band, that has longevity, and sheer creativity doing whatever the hell they want, and for going well over 30 years. Having pulled their name from the title of a bad horror movie, they had the concept of making the name turned into a band … and what a band they are. It was one of the most surreal interviews I have ever done, Groovy Mann tells stories with a great nostalgia, some are incredible, beautiful, others painful.

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See all upcoming concerts Since debuting, they have released 13 studio albums and made a reputation for themselves as one of the most notorious and controversial cult bands of their generation. Franke Nardiello and Marston Daley first met in Boston while Nardiello was on tour working with the legendary industrial band Ministry.

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So, uh, what should I expect? Sexplosion ain't bad either, it's best track being the entirely surreal "Mystery Babylon," which is more burlesque sound pastiche than anything remotely resembling 90's Wax Trax industrial. Think: Ministry with a big ol' hard-on and an urge to dance rather than destroy.

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They became known in the s as pioneers of the industrial music genre — although by the early s they had changed to a more disco-oriented sound — and as a frequent target of censorship groups, including the PMRCwhich objected to the band's humorous and satirical references to SatanJesus and sex in their song lyrics and stage shows. During the early s, Thrill Kill Kult had several hits on the U. The band has continued to record and tour with a rotating lineup in addition to core members Mann and McCoy.

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Last night Discord took forced me to go see My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult as revenge for making him go see Beck a totally solid show. I feel like I'm putting on a Halloween costume and it feels really fraud-like to me at this point. As I said to Discord in the car, "I wear khakis to work, I've sold out.

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The film was never completed, but the music they had recorded for its soundtrack appealed to Wax Trax! Records, who Released the completed songs as a three-track EP. Both attracted attention from college radio stations and dancefloors, as well as religious groups who balked at the overtly occult imagery in both the music and the artwork of the Albums.

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Discover events in: United States change location. Yet without much video experience and limited access to equipment, they soon scratched their dreams of celluloid, but continued working on what was to be the project's accompanying soundtrack. Chicago's renowned Wax Trax Records - home to bands like Ministry, Frontand KMFDM - were intrigued by the duo's experimental mixture of combining dance rhythms, movie dialogue, dark instrumentation and distorted vocals. With their third album Sexplosionthe group mixed up their sound to include pumping bass-lines and a raunchy horn section.

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It was in the fall ofin a neighborhood Chicago bar. Artist and performer Franke Nardiello met with musician Marston Daley over drinks. Inspired by a shared love of tabloid tales of sex and Satan, kitschy horror and exploitation films in the style of Russ Myers, the concept came naturally.

You opened for WHOM??? Dec 7, May 29, Frisco, TX.


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